BluES™ Energy Management Portfolio

Specially designed for the most demanding conditions, the BluES product and service portfolio consists of:

Energy Solution Consulting

The objective of our consultation with customers is to devise energy solutions, which meet all their specific energy requirements. Read more…

portfolioIntelligent Energy Systems

BluES Advanced Energy Systems are based on an intelligent energy automation system, which utilises the latest advanced lithium-ion battery technology. Read more…

Remote Management

Our Remote Monitoring System (RMS) as the remote management tool, provides full transparency and a real-time view of energy-related site information. Read more…

Energy Data Reporting and O&M Integration

The RMS is the “glue” which binds together the solution for collecting, consolidating and processing energy data. It produces reports based on both real-time and historical data. Optional energy data integration with the O&M systems enables further processing of energy data.

BluES saves money and the environment

The BluES Energy Management Solution, an unmatched environmentally sound energy solution for a variety of industrial fields, enables you to achieve energy-related OPEX savings of up to 80% for a host of reasons:CP-9HDTS_9299_p

  • No need for diesel generators
  • No need for battery replacement for 7 to 10 years
  • No need for air-conditioning
  • Alternative energy sources can be used
  • Minimal power system maintenance and support
  • Remote monitoring