Telecom Specific Solutions

In demanding conditions, the Telecom Operators in their site operations and maintenance may face challenges such as: unreliable grid, extreme weather or difficult logistics. To improve service availability and quality Telecom Operators traditionally have greatly increased CAPEX and OPEX by investing in large and sometimes unrealiable solutions. BluES Energy Systems offers improved quality, effeciency and reliability!

Unreliable Grid
The BluES Solution
  • Extended grid outages
  • Seasonal fluctuation
  • National load shedding
  • Fluctuating voltages, missing phases
  • Nonexistant grid

Modern Lithium-Ion battery technologies enable fast charging capability and long back-up time capacity delivering reliable uninterupted power even in the most demanding conditions.Through green renewable energy sources such as solar and wind as standalone off-grid power supply can be delivered.

Intelligent BluES system with protection features shields from bad quality of incoming energy sources – smooth operation and less power related faults! 

Outdated diesel generators
BluES is Silent and environmental Friendly
  • Environmental pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Refueling required
  • Regular maintenence
BluES eliminates environmental and noise polution generally produced by generators. There is no need to frequently deliver fuel to the site. Additionally, with remote monitoring and battery lifecycles of 7-10 years the required maintanence is greatly reduced.
Traditional batteries
BluES LiFePO4 Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Long charging times
  • Extremely heavy
  • Large Dimensions
  • Require several cabinets
  • Dangerous rooftop storage
BluES batteries are on average half the size and one fifth the weight of traditional batteries. The LIFEP04 batteries handle heat extremely well. They provide fast charging and market leading cycle and calendar life. Even the grid is on only short periods, energy is stored efficiently. Specially designed for rooftops,  “all-in-ome” single, compact cabinet with space also telecom equipment available – all weighing less than 300kg.
Extreme Ambient Conditions
BluES with wide temperature tolerance
  • Telecom environment temperature varying from -30 to +50 degrees (°C)
  • Low performance and short lifetime of traditional lead acid batteries.
As the BluES energy reserves use the industry’s safest batteries, the need for air-conditioning is reduced or eliminated altogether. BluES retains power in a broad ambient temperature range over the long term.
Traditional Energy Systems
Modern BluES Energy System
  • Time and work consuming installations
  • Heavy systems to transport
  • Difficult logistics and maintenance


The BluES solution makes logistics easy –  due to low weight and small size it is easy to handle.

BluES can be a compact, factory tested, single cabinet system, or modular system, configured at site environment.Modular system can be carried module by module to the site locations.

Robust connectors and fittings in modules make them easy to add and replace in the field operations. Site installations are easier, faster and safer, shipping and transportation is less challenging.

No remote management, no access to energy data
BluES Remote Management and Control
  • Power systems as “black boxes”
  • No real-time access for energy data and alarms
  • No integration with Operating and Maintenance systems

The BluES Remote Monitoring System manages and monitors the energy system at installation sites. As an energy management tool, the RMS system provides full transparency and a real-time view of the energy source availability of monitored equipment.

RMS will improve site availability due to real-time site information and alarms enabling preventive and cost-effective site maintenance and troubleshooting.  BluES reduces operation and maintenance costs minimizing the number of the site visits – maintenance and support actions can be done remotely.

BluES solution enables energy management to be included in telecom operator’s support and maintenance processes.

A BluES solution ensures high network availability and services for telecom operators and tower companies through a modern approach for demanding environments, resulting in low operating expenses, increased site availability and increased revenue. Read more…