Industry-Specific Solutions

Certain industrial fields require a reliable, uninterrupted and continuous supply of power for specialised equipment or applications. The conditions involved can be critical and demanding and often involve remote, hazardous and extreme work environments. Most of the times, the industry-specific equipment simply needs to perform without fail.

Railways, defence systems, power companies, airports, mining operations and government facilities, to name a few, have different operational goals and must provide critical services. The safety devices for railway crossings and yards, electrical network switch fields and hydropower plant floodgates are a few examples of equipment used in different environments where a reliable, uninterrupted and continuous power supply is a must. In these areas of operation, alternative energy sources such as solar and wind are replacing or complementing traditional energy sources.

In addition to the telecom field, BluES is an excellent solution for a host of other industries. If you need a reliable and functional system for demanding conditions free of power grids and diesel generators, BluES is the right answer. Read more…