BluES™ Remote Monitoring System

Access to Site Energy Data with remote Monitoring

The BluES Remote Monitoring System (RMS) monitors and controls the BluES Advanced Energy System and any diesel generators connected to it. The RMS provides real-time energy and alarm data and enables transparency of site operations. This allows the telecom operator to include energy management in their repertoire of operating and maintenance processes. The RMS is one of the most important tools used to support cost-effective operation and maintenance and ensure high site availability.

Improved site availability and revenue

RMSs improve site availability thanks to real-time site information and alarms. They enable preventive and cost-effective site maintenance and troubleshooting. Using online information from the sites, required actions can be taken remotely and site visits can be planned in a timely manner. This reduces operating and maintenance costs with the goal of minimising the number of site visits. BluES energy systems themselves are already maintenance-free.

rmsAnalyse and benefit from Energy Data

Real-time site data is collected for further data analysis and energy reporting. Standard or customer-specific reports and efficient data mining provide the basis for accurate resource planning, investment planning, asset management and preventive maintenance.