BluES™ Advanced Energy Systems

A BluES energy system always meets the customer’s needs in an ideal way.

Intelligent, energy-efficient and safe system for uninterrupted energy supply

The core system intelligence here is the Energy Management Unit and software, which control all the energy management-related activities and parameters. The system manages energy sources such as the grid, generator, solar, and wind, with the priority being renewable energy sources. The EMU ensures that the CP-5HT_9269_plithium-ion batteries are charged and discharged efficiently. It also provides for the health and safety of the system.

Enhanced AC-protection features protect system components from low-quality electricity. This improves availability and reduces power-related faults. The intelligent Energy Management Unit optimises lithium-ion batteries thanks to its integrated battery management system. Controlling the cell balance, temperature and charge and discharge of the batteries increases their efficiency.

All BluES energy system components are carefully selected to ensure high energy efficiency. Intelligent energy management combined with modern battery technology results in outstanding energy efficiency. The BluES system’s total energy efficiency for telecom equipment, from grid to load, is around 93% with rectifiers.

Superior battery technology ‒ Fast charging, long back-up time capacity, long cycling and a long service life

 The BluES system uses modern lithium-ion battery technology (LiFePO4) for its energy reserves. This technology features very fast charging capabilities, a long back-up time capacity and superior cycling CP-9LD_9134performance. Calendar life can reach 7 to 10 years, and operation is silent ‒ sites can be run without diesel generators thanks to extremely fast charging times and long battery back-up times. Energy reserves provide usable energy for up to 98% of nominal capacity. The batteries’ ideal flat discharge curve enables them to maintain 100% of their capacity even during long storage periods without the need for recharging.

The batteries used for BluES energy reserves do not contain any toxic materials, are safe and require only minimal maintenance. Thanks to their wide ambient temperature tolerance, air-conditioning is not required. This translates to further savings in installation and operating costs.

The high energy density of a BluES solution simplifies logistics through reduced size and weight – a typical BluES configuration is less than half the size and less than one fifth the weight of a traditional solution.

BluES delivers flexibility and lets you choose a compact or modular approach

Thanks to the advanced technology used, the energy system can be tailored to meet the environmental requirements of your respective area. The ATEX directive does not need to be taken into account here.

BluES can be a complete, compact and factory-tested system containing all the necessary components for power supply ‒ a system where all the integrated parts work together optimally. This is ideal for sites where space and weight are limiting factors, a typical situation with rooftop sites. An alternative to this would be an “all-in-one,” single-cabinet configuration with batteries, rectifiers, management systems and empty space reserved for telecom equipment.

Thanks to its modular design, the system can be configured to incorporate functions chosen by the customer, even directly on site. The modular energy system adjusts the flow of power according to the respective site’s needs through the use of “plug-and-play” modules. This modular approach is especially beneficial for sites in challenging locations (mountains, forests, rural areas etc.), because the system can be carried to the installation site module by module. The system’s modules contain robust connectors and fittings, enabling easy addition and replacement in the field. Site installation is easier, faster and safer, and shipping and transport are less of a challenge.