NEC Energy Solutions

NEC Energy Solutions develops and manufactures advanced batteries for electric grid, backup power and lead-acid replacement applications using advanced energy storage technologies. The company is an industry leader in energy storage system integration focusing on high performance, efficient, safe and reliable battery systems.

Lithium-ion batteries and battery management systems from NEC Energy Solutions are integrated into Proxion Solutions’ products which provide a complete and optimized energy solution for telecom systems operating in demanding conditions. The collective goal of the companies is to offer long life, high reliability solutions that deliver the lowest lifetime costs and highest system availability.

NEC Energy Solutions, NEC and the NEC logo are registered trademarks of NEC Corporation.


QROi Limited

QROi Limited was established in 2011 by experienced Finnish telecom executives to provide technical consultancy services for mobile operators and vendors in Europe and in former CIS countries. QROi has successfully delivered projects in the Asia-Pacific, Central Asia and Eastern Europe in network planning and design, roll-out management, and supply chain management services.

QROi Limited, supported by a core group of leading industry experts with experience dating back to the beginning of modern mobile communication networks, has established itself as one of the leading telecom service and technology solution providers in Southeast Asia.

In the partnerhip, Proxion Solutions brings the BluES Energy Management Solutions and related in-house expertise into the equation. QROi is BluES Energy System distributor for Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Indonesia and Philippines. QROi offers a full range of end-to-end technical services and technology solutions to mobile operators and all major telecom vendors in Southeast Asia. BluES energy solutions are available for customers as part of  QROi’s portfolio.