Telecom Customer Cases

Proxion Solutions have proven the performance and feasibility of BluES energy solutions in the most demanding of conditions. Leading mobile operators throughout Asia and the Middle East has tested BluES energy systems.

In Finland, the system has been approved as a power supply for safety equipment in railroad crossings.

Our company is currently focusing on providing service to customers in select Asian countries, but is also expanding into select African markets as well. Market share has already been acquired in Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan and Azerbaijan. Customer feasibility studies and trials are underway in countries such as Georgia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka, just to mention few. In Africa, the initial focus countries will be South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana.

Proxion Solutions’ sales representative locations are marked in the map above.

All our customers have encountered challenging conditions, such as an unreliable or non-existent grid, extreme weather and complex logistics. Diesel generators and lead-acid batteries were traditionally used to power the sites, but this led to high operating costs and low site availability.

After receiving a BluES installation, our customers achieve drastically reduced OPEX, significantly higher site availability and increased site revenue. A reliable and uninterrupted power supply for their sites has been made possible despite demanding conditions. Our customers’ results lay the facts bare:

  • It is possible to eliminate diesel generators from 90% of bad-grid sites.
  • The number of diesel generator running hours can be reduced by up to 80%.
  • Energy OPEX savings of 80% can be achieved in comparison to the traditional approach with diesel generators and lead-acid batteries.
  • Site availability can increase by 5% to 10%.
  • A drop in battery capacity of only 5% was experienced over a 2-year period (measured in Nepal at a bad-grid site where daily power cuts last 4 to 16 hours and without a diesel generator or air-conditioning).

With the lowest lifetime cost in the industry, BluES energy solutions guarantee a supply of power at our customers’ sites in the following ways:

No need for diesel generators, no need for battery replacement in next 7-10 years Introducing intelligent systems with modern, reliable and safe lithium-ion battery technology with very fast charging capabilities for energy reserves. In most cases, BluES has eliminated the use of diesel generators with a silent, environmentally friendly solution. In each case, BluES significantly reduced the number of diesel generator running hours.
Small, lightweight systems requiring less space Deploying lightweight solutions, which also require less space. The “all-in-one” system in a single cabinet can also house telecom equipment and weighs in at less than 300 kg.
Fewer power-related faults Providing enhanced system protection against low-quality incoming energy sources, thus enabling smooth operation and fewer power-related faults.
No need for air-conditioning Reducing the use of air-conditioning or eliminating it altogether. BluES tolerates wide ambient temperature ranges, which also makes installation flexible.
Minimal power system maintenance and support Site installation is easier, faster and safer, and shipping and transport are also less of a challenge.
Real-time access to energy data and alarm Introducing the BluES Remote Monitoring System for management and monitoring of the energy system at sites. The RMS provides full transparency and a real-time view of the energy source availability of monitored equipment without having to visit the site.

We would be happy to provide more information about our customer cases and test results. Please fill in the contact form below or contact our sales team.