Audit, Dimensioning, Business Case

We provide value to our customers from day one

Our approach, and our objective, is to plan modern energy systems together with customers to meet all of their specific power supply requirements for industry-specific applications.

Our technical evaluation provides customers with live, hands-on experience in BluES Advanced Energy Solution capabilities.


The process starts with an analysis of the customer’s energy-related challenges and the setting of efficiency and financial targets. Proxion Solutions have developed methods for optimal system dimensioning and total cost of ownership estimates. Various scenarios are analysed together with the customer from both a technical and a financial point of view. Technical evaluation is performed as a desktop study using the available information. Site surveys can be done to assess the on-site conditions. Total cost of ownership estimates are always done jointly with the customer. Proxion Solutions have performed feasibility studies with dozens of mobile operators.

The guiding principles of dimensioning include:

  • Lowering operating expenses by eliminating generators and increasing the energy reserve’s service life
  • Increasing revenue and decreasing the churn by improving site availability
  • Ensuring maintenance-free operation through long-lasting products, which results in lower lifetime costs

Optimised Compact or Modular systems

Our services help customers to obtain ideal solutions both for new sites and complete power system replacement, either as a compact solution or a modular product.

Our compact BluES CP Series is the ideal solution for both new sites and total power system replacement. If the goal is to modernise a site where some of the existing equipment can be utilised, we recommend the BluES MD Series. Through the use of modules, existing sites can be migrated to a modern solution step by step.