Green and Environmental

Green Values

Proxion Solutions are committed to adopting the highest environmental standards in all areas of operation and meeting and exceeding all relevant legislative requirements. The company aim to minimise any potential impact on the environment in our operations, product design and product development.

According to our environmental policy, the company will:

  • Promote environmental awareness among our employees and partners
  • Act in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Train, educate and inform employees and partners with regard to environmental issues when deploying the company’s products
  • Help society and customers realize a strong, stable and sustainable energy infrastructure through the provision of intelligent energy management solutions
  • Procure and use recycled, recyclable or refurbished products and materials in the production of energy systems
  • Avoid the unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products and seek substitutions where feasible to protect human health and the environment

Environmental Impacts on the BluES energy management portfolio

Green values form the foundation of Proxion Solutions’ energy solution development. Our company aims to produce environmentally friendly and intelligent energy systems by design, systems which are highly energy-efficient in use and which exhibit minimal environmental impact.

The BluES energy management solution:

  • Reduces carbon emissions and our carbon footprint by eliminating or reducing the use of diesel generators in bad-grid environments
  • Uses renewable energy sources in hybrid solutions with intelligent control of diesel generators and the option to use alternative energy sources to the
  • Features environmentally friendly and safe lithium-ion battery technology for its energy reserves, replacing old lead-acid battery technology in the field
  • Minimises costs and the use of human labour in site operations and maintenance through embedded remote management features
  • Saves energy through energy-efficient system design
  • Takes the customer’s specific local conditions into account, as well as energy-saving requirements for optimised solution dimensioning which minimises energy use
  • Adds a new environmentally-conscious way of thinking to energy system operation through the deployment of modern systems and new processes
    Solar panels
    The BluES system can use renewable energy sources in hybrid solutions as an alternative to the grid.